About PC ProCenter, LLC.

In the 1990s Jim Stotz was the responsible for IT design, implementation and management for a major HMO in California consisting of a network of over six hundred work stations, nineteen servers and five remote offices.

PC ProCenter was launched in October of 2002 under the DBA "The HelpDesk" when Jim moved to Austin TX and the family member he was staying with led him to a room full of computers awaiting repair.

Jim worked on those computers for three days solid and as he worked more and more family members brought their friends' and their own machines for him to repair. He recognized that all he needed was a business licence and so he officially opened the doors to PcProCenter exactly one week after arriving in Austin.

Word of mouth spread quickly and by the end of October 2002 PC ProCenter had installed their first complete Network (Servers, wiring, workstations and security) for EZ Heat Corporation of Marble Falls, Texas. EZ Heat is still one of our strongest clients, their network is running strong and has had a .00001% downtime in almost five years. EZ Heat was the real starting point for PcProCenter and almost five years later our client base has grown purely through word of mouth and a strong, rock solid knowledge of the IT needs of small and medium size businesses.

About the owner

Jim entered the IT field from a very successful career in Hotel & Restaurant management. With strong customer service skills and top quality training he made the switch to Information Technology simply and easily.

His troubleshooting and customer service skills have been the factor in the success and growth of PC ProCenter and will continue to be the focus of the company and itís employees. Thatís Jimís promise to you.

Our Rates

Call 512-243-7948 or 512-569-7384 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week