Server and Network Design Deployment and Maintenance

PcProCenter provides a full range of Network
services from repairing one computer to building
an entire infranstructure and everything in-between.

As small and medium sized businesses grow, their
needs for computer support grow with them.
Growing from single use computers to a simple
network with shared resources to a fully managed
network with logon services and security.

This is often a very difficult transition
period for most businesses as the
"tech support guy" often has another more
important role within the business or the
technical needs of the business begin to
outstrip their personal knowledge. At the
same time the workload is insufficient to
justify a permanent onsite IT Tech job.

PcProCenter can manage you through this
difficult period. We are your "IT guy". With
a wide range of plans and options to suit every
size of business we can provide you with the
peace of mind that comes from having the best
technical support just a phone call away.

Our Rates

Call 512-243-7948 or 512-569-7384 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week